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After the review of my training and simulator results I was able to move forward to start trading.

As a result I discovered Maverick FX. But he is unaware of what it takes to get there. 

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Every Maverick FX trader develops and follows a personalized, detailed trading plan using specific rule-based tactics and methodologies. As a Maverick FX trader, you earn additional trading capital and higher profit splits by producing consistent profits.

First things first, lets take a look at the supposed payouts, if you receive a funded trading account. Looks great on the surface right? A prop trading company implies that the company is taking a financial risk on its traders.

Maverick Trading takes no financial risk of losses with any trader. Hold on Warren Buffet. The education process typically takes 4 months of watching training videos titled The Markets Masters Trading Course. The new Maverick Trader must also download a free trading simulator by ThinkOrSwim and trade consistently for a period of 2 months or 50 trades.

Now, suppose that after a few months of successful demo trading, you have been granted the coveted title of Associate Trader. You want to start making some money, right? But here is the ugly part. They are not risking a penny on your trading. He runs the sales department. We spoke over the telephone and I really peppered him with tough questions.

He was more than open and transparent with me. In fact, he gave TradingSchools. Org complete access to all of the educational modules. As I mentioned to Darren over the telephone, what I know about stock options can be fit into a thimble, and there would be room for both of us to jump in.

After reviewing some of the training materials, I found the training modules to be very good. They have taken a lot of time to slowly walk the newbie from point A to point Z. Everything stair steps upon the previous material.

Very happy Sterling J. These are the first people that talk trading in real life terms and what it takes to make it. Less focus on charts, indicators, etc. The fact they made me write a full trading plan before placing even a demo trade shows they understand the business and what it takes.

Couldn't be happier and I agree with all the other reviewers that this is the best FX prop firm around and management is honest and has always followed through on their word. Having access to all of the other traders in the group and the live meetings during major news announcements is awesome.

Watching management trading side by side by you is really great. Teamwork has definitely made my trading better. As a result I discovered Maverick FX. Their Program is well balanced and complete.

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Outstanding organization. I have been with Maverick for approximately 3 years. Their training program is world class and the people are genuinely interested in your success. Trading stocks and futures is hard work/5(27).

Mar 10,  · It seems they require a risk deposit of $5k and provide free training. What has been your experience with Maverick Trading? Do . If someone is able to find an opportunity at a legitimate firm, then I'd say that is DEFINITELY the route to go. By legitimate firm, I mean good payout, no capital contribution, base salary, and training program. 

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Maverick will provide you with proprietary tools, specific rule-based tactics and methodolgies, live online training and hands-on trading support. Most of our traders trade remotely from home on a part-time to full-time basis, enjoying the lifestyle of a trader. Sep 06,  · Re: Maverick FX Trading??? Maverick Trading is setup as an LLC and all our traders are members with % ownership positions. At the end of the year we distribute firm earnings to each trader based on % ownership.

The education process typically takes 4 months of watching training videos titled The Markets Masters Trading Course. The new Maverick Trader must also download a free trading simulator by ThinkOrSwim and trade consistently for a period of 2 /5. Maverick Trading is % committed to provide its community of traders with all of the support, technology, training and service that they need to become the best traders possible. We know that Maverick Trading’s success ultimately depends on .

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