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Grand Canyon Village The usual place to see the canyon for the first time is either at Mather Point or Yavapai Point to the west; the latter has more parking and slightly better views.

Mackey sued Tweek for commenting the shape of his butt. 

Just be careful and it will end up being one of the highlights of your walk.

Grand Canyon Village 

Winter Basketball. We register in October and November. Try outs are held at Lenora Gym in November. All registered players make a team. Practices and games are played December thru February.

Zion National Park is an all season park and without a doubt, the crowning glory of Utah. Zion National Park in Utah is enchanting!

Zion National Park unveils its eight layers of sandstone, displaying what has taken two-hundred-million years to carve and mold. This extraordinary corner of Utah is a masterpiece of towering cliffs, deep red canyons, mesas, buttes and massive monoliths. Zion's fame is due to more than it's lofty peaks. It can boast of its geology , hiking, backpacking and some of the best scenic drives anywhere. Travel I south, past Beaver. Skutumpah Road is remote and can be impassible if wet. Most of the Willis Creek hike is a nice stroll through a cobblestone stream.

This is an easy hike that kids and families with enjoy. Skutumpah Road Best Season: Summer when the water is warmer. Off the beaten path: Make a right turn on North, also called the Bench Road. It's directly across the highway from the Buffalo Bistro. Travel the graded dirt Glendale Bench Road road for 15 miles to a marked junction in the road.

There is a kiosk at the junction with a map and other information. The road goes in two directions from the Glendale Bench Road.

To find Willis Creek continue down Skutumpah Road There are two parking areas for Willis Creek. This hike can also be accessed from the secondary trailhead at the east parking lot of the Hoover Dam Lodge. This hike can be accessed from two main trailheads. The alternate trailhead is located off Lake Mead Parkway just west of the entrance station.

Very Strenuous Trail Map: With many boulders and steep scrambling, the Arizona Hot Spring provides a unique opportunity for visitors to experience nature's version of a hot bath. This hike can be combined to make a loop going through the hot spring and down a ladder to the White Rock Canyon trail. The hike begins at the White Rock Canyon trailhead located just off U. Highway 93 south of the Hoover Dam before mile marker 4.

Although springs, especially hot springs, are safe and fun to relax in, there is a slight danger from a rare and lethal amoeba called Naegleria fowleri.

This is not to say you cannot enjoy the springs at Lake Mead, just take some simple precautions. The amoeba enters the body through the nose only; it will not harm you if swallowed.

Keep your head above water to prevent any infection. There is some rock scrambling. The amoeba enters the body through the nose only;it will not harm you if swallowed. The hike begins at the White Rock Canyon trail head located just off U. Moderate A short climb will reward hikers with a spectacular view.


Approach to the Canyon 

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