93# CCI Trend Strategy

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Today we will primarily look at using CCI to trade trend retracements with overbought and oversold levels. 

But there are other unconventional ways to trade trendline breakouts.


This strategy uses a modification of the standard logic of CCI indicator usage. In addition to the CCI Indicator, it watches the values of the .

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Commodity Channel Index (CCI) 

Commodity Channel Index (CCI) is an oscillator introduced by Donald Lambert in Though its name refers to commodities, it can also be useful in equities and currency trading as well. CCI measures the statistical variation from the average.

Commodity Channel Index Strategy – How to Use the CCI in Forex Trading Published: November 8, by Forextraders This is the second article in our CCI series. CCI Trend Strategy is an forex trading system based on teo exponential moving averages and CCI indicator. 

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Intermediate: Trading Strategy

Designed for commodities, CCI has quickly found its application in other markets including Forex. The author advises to use CCI for entries and exits once CCI reaches +/ It goes as follows: When CCI moves above +, there is a strong uptrend confirmed, therefore traders should open a Buy position. If we leave the 14 periods for the CCI oscillator and click the OK button, the oscillator will be plotted, and the chart will look like the image below. Trading with the CCI. Before showing concrete strategies to trade with the CCI 5/5(4).

Day Trading Forex With CCI Indicator By Galen Woods in Trading Setups on December 26, In this trading strategy, we use Donald Lambert’s original article on the Commodity Channel Index (CCI) as a starting point . How To Trade The Commodity Channel Index (CCI) In Forex Using The CCI Swing Trading Strategy.

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