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Hawkish vs. Dovish Central Banks 

Hawkish Central bankers are described as “ hawkish ” when they are in support of the raising of interest rates to fight inflation, even to the detriment of economic growth and .

What does this mean for their currency the U. It basically means that it is expected to appreciate. As interest rates are raised, savers can now earn more in interest so overseas savers have a strong incentive to move their money into U. This increases demand for the currency, causing it to appreciate.

Federal Reserve and then identify a Central Bank that is dovish e. One key thing to be aware of is whether or not markets have priced in the expected future path of monetary policy. The element of surprise can be a useful tool for Central Banks as their policy announcements may have little effect if they have already been expected by the market at large.

So as a Forex trader, it helps to anticipate the market expectations of future Central Bank sentiment. The question to ask is: If traders have not fully priced it in, then there exists a trading opportunity for you to capitalise on.

For example, when the RBNZ made the announcement that interest rates would not go any lower, this caught many Forex traders by surprise. This unanticipated switch to a hawkish stance from a dovish one caught people off guard, causing the New Zealand Dollar appreciate sharply following the announcement. Seasoned Fed watchers become better at interpreting statements because they all have a method of scanning the statement for a specific Fed language.

This language act as a clear marker of their stance. It also becomes hard to hold cash when interest rates skyrocket. When they are slashed, however, your bonds will all increase in value. The best way of finding out what to expect from the Fed in terms of managing fiscal policy in the coming year is to take a look at the manner in which they have influenced the stock market in the past.

The Fed has been accused of contributing largely to the United States Housing Bubble, that took place just before the recession in By keeping interest rates too low after the recession in , they caused the housing bubble that then led to the credit crunch. However, the Fed has pointed out that they only have indirect control over long-term interest rates, and that they did raise short-term interest rates.

The Fed has received a large amount of bad press, and has been accused of everything from being in the hands of a small group of the elite, who hold Class A Fed stock, to monetizing the debt by printing money in order to buy government bonds. Some of these are found in logic, while others are not. The failed examples of communist and socialist governments prove that governments that control or prohibit private businesses to a large extent cannot hope to survive.

This would protect private businesses from unnecessary interference from them.


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In Forex trading, the best way to capitalise on such sentiment is to identify a Central Bank that’s hawkish (e.g. U.S. Federal Reserve) and then identify a Central Bank that is dovish (e.g. Bank of Japan).

Introduction to Hawkish and Dovish Monetary Policy. Hawkish and dovish are terms that refer to the general sentiment of the central bank of any country, or anyone talking about a country's monetary policy. They are not concrete, in the way that the Nonfarm Payrolls (NFP) number was , this week. helps individual traders learn how to trade the forex market. We introduce people to the world of currency trading, and provide educational content to help them learn how to become profitable traders. We're also a community of traders that support each other on our daily trading journey. 

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Hawkish Central bankers are described as “ hawkish ” when they are in support of the raising of interest rates to fight inflation, even to the detriment of economic growth and . Trading Central Bank Decisions: Hawkish v Dovish Monetary Policy. News Trading Trading Central Bank Decisions: Hawkish v Dovish Monetary Policy Trading Event Risk: Trading Headlines. Trading derivatives and forex carries a high level of risk to your capital and should only be traded with money you can afford to lose. Ensure you read .

Hawkish is typically used to describe monetary policy which favors higher interest rates, and tighter monetary controls to keep inflation in check. A hawkish policymaker is less concerned with economic growth than he is with recessionary pressure brought about by the high inflation rate. How to Trade a Hawkish or Dovish Central Bank As a forex trader, you naturally want to try and identify a relatively hawkish central bank like the Bank of England for the GBP or the Reserve Bank of New Zealand for the New Zealand dollar.

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