Wednesday, December 16, I have been with Oanda for about a year. 

OANDA also provides an online tab on its website that details the prevailing spreads on all assets offered, each changing in real time.

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Below are some examples of recent debit withdrawals, and what eventually posted to my account: 19 Oct 1, Euro Withdrawal, Bank statement shows $1,USD = Oanda Exchange rate: 1EUR=$ USD.

Does this broker have live chat support, and when is it available? Swap-free accounts No swap-free accounts available Does the broker offer accounts that do not carry any interest on positions held over night?

Some brokers levy additional charges for such accounts, because they are susceptible to abuse. Please note that the actual spread may be wider in illiquid market conditions. Market Maker Does the broker pass your orders directly to a higher tier, or do they make a market among their clients and themselves first?

Does the platform offer "One cancels other" order types? Server-side Many brokers offer traders the ability to set trailing stop-loss orders. These orders can be client-side or server-side.

Since trailing stops are not real orders in the market, the trading platform has to take care of them. Client-side trailing stops run your computer and are only valid when your trading platform is open and online. Server-side trailing stops run on the broker servers, so they do not depend on you having the platform open.

Does the platform offer conditional order types? Account Types Most forex brokers offer different account types to clients, normally depending on the size of the account. They offer over 60 major, minor, and exotic forex pairs to choose from, along with CFDs for precious metals, commodities, bonds, and stock indices.

If your country does not recognize CFDs as tradable instruments, then you may not be able to access them, but you will still have excess to an extensive library of educational materials, videos, and streaming webinars, fit for all levels of trader. There is no escalating benefit structure tied to your account balance. OANDA does not discriminate in that manner.

It has one standard account category, supplemented with a free demo for practice trading. You do have two options when it comes to trading platforms. Mobile trading is also supported for each platform protocol choice. Customer service personnel and support materials rank on the highest end of the scale, and peace of mind is assured by consistent regulatory compliance across the globe with several key oversight agencies.

All client deposits are also maintained separately in Top-Tier bank accounts and subject to various national investor protection schemes. OANDA has it all and then some. Features Why trade with Oanda. The firm lists these reasons: Founded in , with headquarters in Toronto, Canada; Five other subsidiaries in the U.

You can only spend to the value of the funds that you have in your Account. We shall not be liable in the event that a Merchant refuses to accept your Card or if we do not authorise a Transaction, or we cancel or suspend use of your Card in accordance with these Terms of Use. If you cause your Account to go into a negative balance, we will take any such action seriously and take any steps necessary to enforce any actions against you in accordance with these Terms of Use.

The estimate may be for more than the amount you eventually spend or are charged, for example: The merchant will be required to tell you the estimated amount that will be blocked in Your Card Account and seek Your consent.

This means that some of the funds on Your Account may be blocked until the Merchant has settled the actual Transaction amount and accordingly, You will not be able to spend this estimated sum during this period.

We will release the blocked funds without undue delay on becoming aware of the amount of the Transaction and in any event will unblock the funds immediately after receipt of the settlement request from the merchant. If you attempt to do so, your Payment request will be denied.

If a Payment credited to your Account is reversed by the sender prior to you performing a Transaction, the amount of the reversed Payment will be returned to the sender and no Fees will be owed by you.

We do not provide any warranties, representations, conditions or guarantees with respect to such goods and services. Please see section 8 for further details on Fees. Each transaction is given a unique transaction ID and shown in the transaction history. We will not alter or amend information displayed in your online transaction history. You should quote this transaction ID when communicating with us about a particular transaction.

You should check your Account balance and transaction history regularly. You should report any irregularities or clarify any questions you have as soon as possible by contacting Customer Service.

You also agree that once consent has been provided by you, the authorised Transaction can no longer be revoked. If an intended recipient declines a Transaction from your Account, your Account will be re-credited with the amount of the Transaction and no Fees will be charged.

We will not be liable for withdrawn funds being sent to the wrong account where this is due to you providing incorrect payment details. If you have withdrawn funds to the wrong account, you may request that we assist you in reclaiming the funds. However, we will charge you an administration fee of up to 25 USD for doing so and we cannot guarantee that the reclaim efforts will be successful.

This means that a Payment will be deducted from your Account at regular intervals. The amount of the Payment and the intervals at which the Payment will be deducted is determined by the relevant Merchant. If you wish to amend or cancel your Subscription Billing Payment or have any query or dispute concerning your Subscription Billing Payment, you may only do this by contacting the Merchant directly and the terms and conditions set by the Merchant will apply.

Once you have contacted the Merchant you should inform us. We are unable to cancel or amend Subscription Billing Payments without the consent of the Merchant. You should not cancel or otherwise reverse a Subscription Billing payment without contacting the Merchant first. We will not be liable for any Subscription Billing Payment that is deducted from your Account before you have notified the Merchant of the cancellation. You will not be able to cancel a Payment that has already been made to a Merchant.

We shall not be liable for any fees, charges you may incur as a result of there being insufficient funds in your Account to meet your obligations under a Subscription Billing arrangement. If your Account goes into a negative balance, the terms set out in section You must request such a refund within eight 8 weeks from the date the funds were debited from your Account. You agree to provide us with such information as is reasonably necessary to ascertain whether the conditions for a refund described in this section 6.

Within ten 10 Business Days of receiving a request for a refund or, where applicable, of receiving any further information we requested from you, we will either refund the full amount of the payment or provide you with justification for refusing to refund the payment indicating that you have a right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service if you do not accept the justification provided. Subject to subsection 6. We may notify you of such refusal, our reasons for doing so and, where applicable, how to rectify the error that led to the refusal, unless such notification - or any part of it - is prohibited by any law or regulation.

It is important that you ensure all the details entered in respect of any Transaction are accurate. Any Transaction will be deemed to have been correctly executed where it has been executed in accordance with your instructions.

However, we may in some circumstances, be able to assist you in recovering the funds involved and will apply the relevant Fee for doing so, per the Fee Table. We are unable to recover funds incorrectly sent to another Member, unless you have a police crime reference number or the consent of the other person involved. We reserve the right to impose limits on the amount of any Transaction and the frequency you may use a particular Transaction option.

Further information is available on the Website. These limits are subject to change from time to time without notice. We will treat any instruction from a Third Party Provider as if it were from you. We may refuse to allow a Third Party Provider to access your Account if we are concerned about unauthorised or fraudulent access by that Third Party Provider.

Before we do this we will tell you and explain our reasons for doing so, unless it is not reasonably practicable, in which case we will tell you immediately afterwards. In either case, we will tell you in the way in which we consider most appropriate in the circumstances.

We may make available to a Third Party Provider a specific means of accessing your Account. If we do, and it tries to access your Account by a different way, we may refuse to allow that access. If you think a payment may have been made incorrectly or is unauthorised, you must tell us as soon as possible even where you use a Third Party Provider. Transactions will not be authorised once your Card expires or if it is cancelled.

A charge will not be applied if your Card is automatically renewed. A Fee will be applicable for replacing a Card that has been lost, stolen or damaged. You authorise us to debit from your Account any applicable Fees at the time of a Transaction. We may also charge you certain administration Fees, including, but not limited to, in relation to ongoing management of inactive accounts, debt collection and reprocessing charges in case of insufficient funds.

All Card Fees will be charged in the currency of your Account, regardless of the currency of the Card or the Transaction. Updates will be indicated on the Fees page of our Website. Changes to the reference exchange rate shall apply immediately, without prior notice. It is your responsibility to check before proceeding with your Transaction. You will still be able to access your Account should you wish to make a Transaction in the future.


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Withdrawals by bank transfer must be processed to bank accounts registered to the same person (or entity) as the fxTrade account holder, and OANDA requires confirmation that the client is the owner of the bank account.

The Oanda Withdrawal time is between 3 through 5 business day and it depends to the methods you Withdrawal from your Oanda account. Oanda Withdrawal Limit Oanda Withdrawal limit with Debit cards and ACH is $ per a calendar month, but there is no Withdrawal limits with other types of Withdrawal methods. Jan 12,  · OANDA will do its best to accommodate the wishes of its customers, but may charge the wire transfer bank fee (described below) if funds were deposited by wire transfer, but a PayPal or Check withdrawal is being requested. 

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Mar 14,  · Oanda has a limited product portfolio (FX and CFDs only), and the company is not listed on any stock exchange nor has a bank parent. Furthermore, money withdrawal is pricey, there is an inactivity fee, and the customer support is slow and provides irrelevant. Recommended for price-sensitive FX traders/5. Jul 01,  · Withdrawal using paypal is ok with oanda i've been doing it few the fees is quite hefty one. But overall its still ok, i just don't like their slow platform and analysis tool of the platform.

The Oanda Withdrawal fees starts from Zero up to $20, The Oanda withdrawal fees depends to which country you want to receive funds. Oanda Withdrawal Methods. O ANDA withdrawal methods is various, Clients can using a variety of methods that include credit cards, checks, bank wire transfers and PayPal. The Oanda Withdrawal fees starts from Zero up to $20, The Oanda withdrawal fees depends to which country and methods you want to receive funds. Oanda Withdrawal Time The Oanda Withdrawal time is between 3 through 5 business day and it depends to the methods you Withdrawal from your Oanda account.

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