Just like most of the well renowned brokers today, the EmpireOption website offers users a set of standard features. 

After you have signed up for an EmpireOption account, it is a requirement by the company that you verify your identity.

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EmpireOption Minimum Deposit | Deposit Methods Empire Option has the widest array of deposit and withdrawal methods in the industry, including special local methods in various countries. Clients are able to invest and withdraw earnings via credit and debit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc); ewallets such as Skrill and Neteller; wire transfer, among other .

The platform is available on smart phone devices, and is very user friendly. It has a whole section dedicated to education and educational resources for those new to trading and market analysis techniques.

Not only is it safe for the clients but for the broker itself, as well as all other parties involved. Being NDD means that it's ok for clients to win big money from their trades, because the broker itself is well hedged at all times. The broker only profits from the payout differentials. All payment transactions are also very secure, and the company complies with the usual requirements concerning online security.

The service however is highly reliable and comes with dedicated customer support. This plays an important role in enhancing the ability of traders on this platform to increase their return on investment as well as make more profit while trading binary options. Since this broker is focus on ensuring that the traders on its platform succeed, it is offering some of the most generous bonuses offered by any broker in the industry.

For instance, the initial deposit bonus offered y this company increases the number of trader that a trader can carry out in with his or her initial deposit; hence increases the chances of the trader succeeding in trading binary options and making a profit.

The EmpireOption initial deposit is a boost to the deposited funds by the brokers using this online binary options platform. Additionally the high bonus that is offered by this broker allows traders to try out various strategies on this platform with minimal risk to their invested amount.

You can take advantage of the generous bonuses offered by this company by signing up with them and making the initial deposit into you trading account. The binary options market is very volatile and requires traders to use a more dependable money management strategy in order to succeed.

Additionally, having more capital to invest plays an important role in cushioning traders against the various risks posed by this trade. In this regard, the EmpireOption broker enhances the ability of traders to profit while trading in binary options by offering them high bonuses.

As such, it can be said that the bonus offered by this broker is an essential buffer against loses should the odds turn against the trader. The company does not have a clear policy on the bonuses it offers its customers. In this case, the broker offers bonuses randomly to the traders on its binary options trading platform. Basically, there are various features that are scattered across the various account types on this platform.

Additionally, traders on this platform have an opportunity to experience an array of promotions and get unlimited bonuses from the broker. Other features that make EmpireOption an outstanding binary options trading platform include an economic calendar, strategic investment advice for its customers, more accurate market signals and a market simulator. These features are a valuable addition to the EmpireOption bonuses. The other fantastic thing about this broker is the fact that the bonuses it offers are unlimited.

This is to say that the amount of money you can get from this company in form of a bonus is not limited. In most cases, the amount of bonus you get from EmpireOption is mostly influenced by the amount you deposit into your EmpireOption trading account. Again, the bonus you get from the company after making a deposit is principle unlimited.

As such, you should rest assured that the company will definitely offer a certain percentage of their deposited amount in form of a bonus.

Rather than focusing your attention on the bonus policy applied by any given broker, you should take your time to look at the terms and conditions binding the bonus you receive from the company. This way, you will avoid the brokers that will hold your profits simply because you have not met the bonus terms and conditions.

While offering bonuses to its customers the EmpireOption has the interests of the traders in mind. However, before withdrawing the bonus awarded by EmpireOption, you will need to trade a volume of more than 30 times the awarded bonus.

As such, traders are required to meet the require turnover in order to be allowed to withdraw their bonuses. Demo Accounts at EmpireOption Let us make one thing clear before going any further, EmpireOption broker does not offer demo accounts to its customers. Even after making the required initial deposit, the traders on this platform will not get a demo trading account from the broker. Although demo accounts are beneficial, with regards to helping traders practice trading binary options, they significantly affect the efficiency of the trading platform offered by the broker.

This could be the reason why the EmpireOption broker opted not to offer demo accounts to its traders. To offer a good online binary options trading platform, the companies in this industry must decide on the core functionality of their platform. This will go a long way in determining the experience that traders get from trading in binary options on this platform and the efficiency of such platforms. Although some binary options brokers have managed to offer proprietary platforms, this is not always the best option, when it comes to optimizing the efficiency of their binary options trading platforms.

With the reputation that EmpireOption broker currently enjoys, there is no point of testing the platform to see whether it works. To compensate for the lack of a demo trading platform, the EmpireOption broker has availed a comprehensive binary options educational centre for its traders to learn how to trade and effectively use the provided tools and features to their advantage.

The platform on offer at EmpireOption is designed for binary options traders whose sole purpose of being in the industry is to make money. As such, the platform does not have time for time wasters and traders who are just opening and closing positions for fun. This is also another reason why the broker opted not to offer demo trading accounts for its customers.

Online assistance can also be offered in the customer's language. This support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even outside of trading hours.

They offer a good range of accounts, an extensive range of assets and a variety of option types. The payouts are competitive with anything else in the market place and the education and tools that they offer are all designed to make the trading experience a good one. They offer a strong, accessible customer support service. One thing we did observe is that they aren't really looking for the novice trader. The minimum deposit and minimum trade amounts, as well as the fact that there are withdrawal fees for smaller accounts, indicates that they are looking for the high rollers, those that know what they are doing and are prepared to turn over large amounts of money.


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When making deposits in this manner, it is the responsibility of the live trader to ensure that the trader's account number and registered name of the account owner accompany all transfers to EmpireOption.

EmpireOption Minimum Deposit | Deposit Methods Empire Option has the widest array of deposit and withdrawal methods in the industry, including special local methods in various countries. Clients are able to invest and withdraw earnings via credit and debit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc); ewallets such as Skrill and Neteller; wire transfer, among other . Empire Option Review Overview Empire Option was established in as a NDD (No Dealing Desk) type broker, which means there are no conflicts of interests and it really wants clients to win. It has a $ minimum deposit requirement, and has minimum trade size of $5 on short term options and $25 on longer term options. 

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Minimum Withdrawal: 1 units; Minimum number of operations: 5; Cost of closing account: units; Whether traders decide upon EmpireOption minimum deposit or a higher deposit, they can do so by opting for: bank wire, credit cards or . Empire Option trading site pays commission fees to QCS for soliciting customers to make deposits at Empire. I then registered at Empire and deposited $ They also charged me an unknown charge of $ for the deposit transaction.

EmpireOption USA is available for US citizens to join the platform. For more on Empire Option login process and Empire Option minimum deposit, read here. EmpireOption Banking. Making deposits with EmpireOption is relatively straightforward and there are a large variety of methods that can be used when making deposits. Deposits can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Neteller, Bank Wire Transfer, Payza, BBVA or Skrill Moneybookers.

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